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Enter data once and watch it flow systemwide.

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“[Paycom] has allowed HR to step out of that clerical support role and spend more time being an adviser to the business.”

Robin Boudreau

     Sr. Vice President of Human Resources

     New England Patriots

Passionate about connecting employees 

to their personal data. 

Leading the industry

Pain-free payroll

We’re committed to empowering employees nationwide with on-demand access to their own HR data, all in a single software that frees you to focus on business-forward strategies.

Our peace-of-mind payroll solution is designed for an easy and error-free experience each and every cycle, so employees are paid accurately and on time.

All in a single software

Employee-managed data

Your employees already enjoy a direct relationship with databases to make their personal lives easier, whether ordering food or buying tickets. They expect the same technology for work, at work. 

Other providers may use third-party software for a patched-together product whose pieces don’t always speak the same language. Not us! Our tools live in one software — built at Paycom, by Paycom.

Ready to be done with data re-entry?

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  • User-friendly
  • Real-time analytics
  • Seamless information flow
  • Single system of record
  • Anytime, anywhere access